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Now you can get files directly from your user area account. Login using your account details, click the order you want to use and click the file. Virtual dongle image file will be loaded and authorized automatically. Old dongles get broken! Read all Interface Emulator tab Load dongle image - loads virtual dongle image file.

Authorize - get authorization code online or use code received from us by e-mail. Clean storage - removes all loaded dongles from the storage. Start service - start service.

Restart service - restart service to apply all recent changes. Loading mode - Start service autmatically when Windows loads or start it manually. Reinstall driver - use it for driver update. Cloud tab Now you can get files directly from your user area account.

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Testimonials To Bill and staff, Thank you very much for fantastic software and service. You have saved us thousands of dollars in insurance costs, now that we dont have to take our dongles out of the office. Nick from Australia. Main page.Thank you very much for writing these instructions. I followed them and it worked great. I have a question, though.


Once everything is installed and working, so I still need to keep the computer in Test mode? I followed your steps and used the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to sign the multikey. I am a little concerned about keeping the computer permanently in Test mode. Can you give me some advice? But its certificate is unverified by Microsoft.

That's the reason why the driver is only loaded in the Test mode.

Faire fonctionner son DUMP

Sorry about this! My dongle is a HASP4 lpt.


Do you know how can I emulate it? Specifically trying to make e-Prime work pstnet. Thank you very much for posting this info. It has helped me tremendously in multikey running properly. Hi Son, thanks for that. I'm blocked in the first part with the dumper, with a problem with windows uac.

Any ideas? Hi Kriss, Sorry for late response! Could you please describe clearly your specific problem?View Full Version : Hasp Hl emulator. Hi, i have a program that need a hasp hl 2. I read in this forum and another that for dump this is necessary to find h5dmp. Locky, now i have. I try to use and obtain 2 files, dump. Next i use universal dump to reg, but what is the correct emulator?


Whot is the correct? Tank you for answare! Have you tried reading the FAQ? Sieving was done on 80 2. The matrix step was performed on a cluster of 80 2. There is no "keygen.

Correct, but slight footnote to JMI's comment. Edge keygenned this particular emulator which is a commercial emulator named "HASPHL" this years and 's However, the naming convention is confusing because of the naming used by Alladin Systems and other emulators. The keygen edge made is a keygen for calculating the seeds for the hasp dongle and for the rsa key, same with the sentinel emulator seeds and rsakey from the same company Soft Key Solutions.

There are other emulators which are non commercial out in the wild which of course dont require a keygen as they are from fellow talented reverse engineers and we like these just as much. Of course with these free emulators one still needs to know how to calculate the seeds, which were infact already accomidated in the edge keygen. Thanks for the clarification, Sab. Always helps to get "all" the details correct, so everyone knows "exactly what we are talking about.

All rights reserved.Discussion in ' Gadget Analysis ' started by cmdempSep 28, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hasp Software protection cracking. Hi, I have some software called chief architect 9. It uses a parallel port hardware lock to run and i have recently upgraded to a new laptop which does not have a parallel port.

Is there any way i can hack or emulate the hardware lock to get the program to run on my new laptop? I have tried a parallel port to USB converter but the software doesn't recognize the device through this. The lock is made by HASP. Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, You can make dump of your dongle using h5dmp tool. The passwords of your dongle is: 0x 0x5DEB. Thankyou for the advice. I have done a small amount of research and an having trouble completely understanding the process.

Is there any more advice you can provide me with in trying to get this working? I have very little experience with this type of program. I am having a little trouble installing multikey on my 64 bit win7. Can you aid me on this matter? I have done a fair amount of internet searching but am finding it hard to find an active link to download the files i require.

You seem to be quite clued up about this, do you have a link to a website that can help provide me with the files i require?Go to page ', event.

Dongle Reverse Engineering Team. I used many softwares etc to create dumps, but succeed to make a dump through "h5api" I converted it to.

I'll be really obliged! I am so much confused on my windows 7 laptop, i found the MoDaD of some Aladdin Dongle, with much difficulty "0x" using Toro Monitor. However, it was giving me two passwords also The MoDaD it was giving me was wrong i think because it is not making any dump through hl-dump.

It is again not accepting the MoDaD 0x giving error : Hardlock not found error 7 Can anyone please tell me where i am going wrong or what is the real problem behind this all? I am in a hurry because, this all is a part of a project that i am doing and i have very less time left!

Hey it worked!!!!!!! Thank you hasp a million!!! This is one real awesome forum, where people are really helpful! Thanks again!! I made a new reg file with the above reg code that you hasp posted.

Now the program opens up for a second or two, and then it closes down, with an error : Hardlock Found Whats the problem now?? The second dongle is not getting emulated by this reg file, even if I don't install the first one I have tried this on 2,3 PCs using Windows XP! So, i was just wondering that if it was in some way different from the last dongle that I used?????? Anyways, I am again uploading a fresh dump file second donglein case there was any problem with the first one!!

Because I also noticed a difference in their file size! Is this thread still alive?? I am a complete newbie in this dongle stuff and came across this post. I have a Aladdin HASP dongle and wants to emulate the same, so that my application can run even if the dongle is not attached to the system hope this aim is achievable.

As I read through the post I came to know that to start with I need a dump.All content copyright SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. This website is provided for discussion purposes only. SafeNet, Inc. Any act or omission by a reader of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, and SafeNet, Inc.

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hasp hl模拟方法

You can also use the below options to login. New to this Portal? Click on Join Now to Sign Up.Skip to content. Skip to navigation. I used a x86 version of XP to dump the key. Install v5. I have not tested, but I read newer drivers may not work. With the usb hasp connected, go into the application that requires the hasp and perform an action that requires the hasp in the machine.

Go back to 'Toro Aladdin Dongles Monitor'. If you program used the HASP you should now see text. Look for a line that looks like this. Now that you have the two passwords, use h5dmp.

Use the command "h5dmp. If all goes well you should tell you it was successful and you should now have two files hasp. Open the hasp dump you just created make sure hasp. This will generate a registry key to the same directory as your dump. Once you make the above changes you should now have what you need to emulate the hasp using multikey. Unplug the usb hasp.

Add the registry key you created to the registry. Install Multikey by running install. After running install. Skip to navigation Personal tools Log in. Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Navigation Home. Log in. Login Name. Cookies are not enabled. You must enable cookies before you can log in.

Hasp Software protection cracking.

Edit the generated reg key. Emulate your hasp using multikey and the created registry file 1. Document Actions Send this. Forgot your password?

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