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Volvo v70 climate control reset

I removed the climate control unit doing this, and installed the lead through one of the switch blanks. I noted that the resistor in the fascia of the unit is broken. What effect will this have? More importantly, the whole unit is now dead, and the heater produces a steady heat at a low fan speed, presumably as a backup. I've tried disconnecting the battery overnight, and all manner of checks and "reset" sequences without success.

The fuses are all OK. After reading on here about similar ones, I took it to a volvo dealer to have its module thingy reset. The cars only worth about a grand, so I politely declined. Now here's my question: To those of you have had this problem, could you specify how it was solved?

How to Reset Volvo Climate Control Module Problem with VIDA Dice?

Are there independant experts that could do this, or any kind volunteers on here? I'd be willing to travel a bit. Can I get second hand parts to try? Ideally, I'd like to go to a dealer and specify exactly what needs doing, and ask them to do it.

A bit of knowledge about the issue might mean they're not as likely to fleece me once i start talking about "thingys"! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

volvo v70 climate control reset

Thanks, John. Kira CCM? Sorry, I'm a complete newbie to this, so I've no idea what these abbreviations are. Why would a manual control work if mine isn't a manual car? Surely that's more expense on my part that I dont necessarily need?

Your car's only worth a grand so gerry rig if you can. Car makers got so attached to an ACC system's thermostat. You can live with them if they don't make your CEL light up. I'd like to see you back away from this needless horror show as cheaply as possible. Good luck. There's no other lights, and the dealer didnt mention anything else I should worry about. I'd hate to go back to manual air con from what I had before. I never used the auto climate, so the temp sensors arent that much of an issue.

I could live with paying a bit to get it fixed, but I wouldn't want to pay twice for a pointless manual unit, then again for an electronic one. I liked my heated seats! Could I get the equivalent unit from another car and use that? I think the only chance you have of using a secondhand unit is to find one from a car with the exact same spec as your own.

By resistor broken I assume you mean the thermister behind the small grille, this measures cabin temperature the unit won't work without it and I don't think it's replaceable separately. Ah right, so the problem might be that if the thermistor is broken, the whole unit won't power up? Don't know about that, but clearly if it can't measure temperature then it won't function as a climate control.

If it doesnt work suitably out of the box, it'll have to go to Volvo to be programmed, but that shouldn't be a problem with a new unit.

I shall update with my progress.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: climate control module bulb. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Join Date Nov Location montreal Posts My question is: where can I get those bulbs? Volvo dealer only or other manufacturers? I think they are quit expensive at dealer? Would they last longer? Find your car and them go to the "interior body electrical" section. They are referred to as ECC bulbs. Charles EDIT: sorry, forgot the s. Originally Posted by ChazzyD. Try www. You'll have to reuse the plastic base, but that's very easy to do and simply entails twisting the wire leads in the correct way.

I've used these Radio Shack bulbs in a Honda Odyssey. When a bulb for my XC70 headlight switch burned out, Radio Shack didn't have a matching size, but Honda did and the price was one third what the Volvo bulb cost.

Also, if there's a colored covering over the original bulb kind of like a little tiny condom to change the shade of the light, you can usually carefully pull it off and reuse it on a new non-Volvo bulb. Apparently, there are many "system" that run in a line on the electrical system and when one is disconnected, the error shows in the next or previous.

I had this issue when the bulb had to be replaced in mine. Not 10 minutes of driving afterward and the error came up. Careful removing ECC. Originally Posted by Originally Posted by dcandmc. You can get these bulbs at any salvage yard in your area. Get out there and rape the switches and heater control heads in any car you can get at. That stuff is pocket material while you're in there looking for other parts. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.I recently purchased a V70 at a very reasonable price. The previous owner stated he put in a new battery. On the drive back with it I noticed the Manual climate control system did not work. No AC, Rec lights no damper sound when you move the nob and no fan on any speeds.

So I thought it might be a fuse nope all fuses were intact. Looked online, some folks said it may be from a battery switch and to take the battery off and touch the cable together for a few mins.

Nope still no dice. I also have swapped out the unit for an identical one and then went back and did all the procedures over and still no good. I am getting power 12v to the unit through the wiring harness and to the fan and dampers. Some people also said to have the dealer clear codes from the MCC I have been trying with VOL-FCR and cannot get it to connect to the climate control system or the reset service light feature.

What else is there to check? MCC is a relatively simple setup. All there is is the control unit, the resistor, and the blower motor, and of course the wiring between them. Have you tried swapping out the resistor? I got the same symptoms you had when mine went bad. Also, when you say you checked the fuses, did you look only at the little ones or the big ones too, which are in the engine bay not in the fuse box?

The control units rarely go bad, but they do sometimes. I assume you did but just a heads-up. To my knowledge, there aren't any.

At least none showed up when I was trying to diagnose my problem. It's different than the ECC which has air temp sensors and such which go bad. I was confused as to if you can pull codes or not. The new unit is identical to the old unit.

Yes I have checked both the main fuses and the sub-panel. From the sounds of things I need to look at the resistor and test it. And yes, we're completely discounting the battery theory. My guess is the resistor or the larger fuses. There's a wiring diagram that would be helpful for you on Matthews Volvo Site. I really don't think it's the resistor.You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

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Volvo Climate control fan repair

Last Online: Nov 10th, Climate Control Module Calibration. Good Afternoon.

Volvo hidden menu and DTC check

Does anybody know of any independent Volvo Garages in the Birmingham area that would be able to calibrate the climate control module?

My v70 is cycling hot and cold on the heaters and it would seem after some research that this is the problem. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay. Last Online: Apr 14th, I have the manual system with two temperature control knobs and a central knob for air delivery selection defrost, vent or floor.

Remove the pen holder with gentle prying-pulling straight out. Remove the small screws which hold the back of the box and spray the encoders with electronics cleaner. The output temperature of my unit has been constant ever since. I don't know if this procedure would apply to an ACC system-the one with the "three tiered man". If I'm not mistaken, that system has a slider control for temperature.

Either way, I'd give it a shot of cleaner too. Hope this helps. Last Online: Apr 11th, Is the thermistor ok???

I pulled it out with tweezers when cleaning which resulted in no auto control. Replaced it via ebay. Also, worth noting, if you are doing the above advice, disconnect the battery otherwise you will have the SRS airbag warning if you remove the wiring from the ECC which will be a dealer reset.

Hello, Sorry about that oversight. I disconnected the battery when I did my cleaning. Last Online: Feb 8th, Hi I have a Volvo V70 D5 and have a similar problem but mine is on heat it has worked brilliantly on AirCon throughout the Summer with no sign of the blend door opening and closing I have taken out the Climate control panel and removed the fluff from the Temperature sensor and sprayed the Temperature controls I have reassembled and it was still doing it, so I tried that reset procedure of closing the both front Windows and hold up for seconds the lock and unlock the car twice and turn the Temperature controls from to cold twice to no avail if I turn it down to 26 degrees it will settle down when the engine warms up and the blend door stops opening and closing but as soon as you put on full heat it starts opening and closing and of course when you start from cold where back to square one Has anyone else have any ideas as the weather is changing Thanks for reading my post.Welcome Guest Log In Register.

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Hello, we have answers for your Volvo-related questions!. Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums. Together we can make our Volvo community a better place. Powered By IP. Board 2. Problem With Climate Control. View Member Profile. Aug 7PM. Post 1. I have a XC90 with about miles. A few days ago, I had all the climate control lights recirc, AC, all blowers speeds, etc.

I pressed the Auto button and all the lights went out. Turned the blower button and they all came back on again. Now, the blower does not always start.

volvo v70 climate control reset

Lights or no lights - makes no difference. Usually, the blower doesn't work when it's very hot in the vehicle. On a several hour trip, I was able to use the rear AC for cooling. Eventually, the main blower came on. Any suggestions for a DIY repair would be appreciated.October 17, by: Alexandra M. Follow this tutorial to remove the climate control unit in your Volvo S80 —Volvo S60 —V70 and XC70 — Turn ignition off and remove the key. If your car is a S60, V70 or XC70, remove the pen holder panel pushing it with a weatherstrip tool, as pictured.

Change the gear selector to the rear most position. Remove the panel around the gear selector. If you have manual gearbox you can pull it out as pictured. If it is automatic gearbox you will have to pry it off at the back using a weatherstrip tool. Remove the two screws holding the climate control unit. Remove the climate control unit. It is very scured in place, a little bit of force is required to pull it out. Unplug the three connectors on the back, 2 green ones on the middle and the small one of the 12v socket.

These instructions do not wor for the model year V There is no pen holder to start with. The removal of the ccu is quite involved and if you wish I can send in the method. I have just removed my unit to replace some of the light bulbs. Yes, if you have pictures of the procedure, feel free to send them to submit. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

What is the car brand treated in this site? To install, follow the steps in reverse order. The instructions in this tutorial will work in the following model years:,Volvo S60,Volvo V70,Volvo XC70,Volvo S December 26, at pm.

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Unanswered Questions. Volvo S How do you reset the climate control on a Volvo S70?

volvo v70 climate control reset

Wiki User You can try doing a battery reset by disconnecting both terminals and touching them for a few seconds and reconnecting, if this does not work you will need a scan tool to read and reset the codes set in the system. The reset code is on the back of the radio. Asked in Chevy Corvette How do you remove climate control from Corvette? I need info on how to remove the climate control unit from my corvette.

With an OBD2 code reader. Asked in Lincoln Navigator How do you reset the temperature control on navigator? Check Owner's Manual. If you do not have one. Check Related links below. The reset button is the black plastic stick next to the odometer. You hold it down for at least 2 seconds. Now if you want to reset the trip odometer that is on the selector switch lower right corner on the instrument panel.

Asked in Volvo How much does it cost to replace a radiator on a V70 Volvo?

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